The long distance running value


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“From 0 to 42”

“If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a new life, run a marathon.

 The Olympic  Champion in ( 5000m , 10000 m and Marathon ) “ (Emil Zatopek) .

Dear runners,

-  My name is Christina and I’ve been teaching PE for 2.5 years , at the German school in Alexandria. I ran my first marathon , in January 2014 in Dubai and three weeks ago I took part in a marathon in Cyprus. I’ve only starting running here in Egypt – I ran my first half-marathon in Luxor and more followed in Cairo and Alexandria.


-  What motivates you to run 42,195km? You won’t run a marathon if you don’t enjoy jogging. For many ambitious runners a marathon is an intimidating and high goal which some may try to attain once in their life.

Contrary to shorter distances the achieved time isn’t important.

It’s just about the sole goal of arriving at the finish line.

All this takes several months of training and a lot of time. It requires a lot of understanding from your friends and family when you have to go for a long training run, especially on the weekend: “I’m gone for the next 3 hours...”

 - You have to overcome your own laziness, your lack of motivation or your frustration when a training session doesn’t go well.

But you can also dive into a different world – reflect your life, tune out or get new ideas.

You don’t need a lot of things to go running: just some running shoes, a T-shirt, shorts and of course a running route. You can run almost everywhere. Now – put on your running shoes, get ready, go!

Enjoy the training and running!


To be well prepared for a marathon you should start to train 10 to 12 weeks beforehand. A week of training contains at least 4 units of running, one unit can contain a run up to 30 km.

You can easily find a training schedule on the internet.


During the preparation for a marathon you shouldn’t go without food that is rich in carbohydrates.

Noodles, Pasta, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs and milk fill up your energy household. You’re also allowed a little chocolate


It’s especially important to drink a lot the days before a long run. Otherwise you can end up with a headache. 2-3 liters are recommended.

During the run / After around 10 km you should eat a bar of energy if possible. Drinking enough is the most important thing during such a long run. Drink rather too much than too little.

-  If you become thirsty during a run it will probably be too late already. A bit of banana can also restore your energy.

           Wrote By /  Christina Schatz


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The long distance running value