Pharaohs runners races


Section  Five /  Integrated / tournaments organized sports , photos, videos and results for both of them.

At the start of our conversation  in that branch should statement that in the field of athletic competition

Whether domestic or international - an international race , whether inside or outside Egypt -

Or the world , or even the Olympic games  for Elite Runners

we find that the beganing of most of them were very modest , there is no person born hero - may be innately talented - but talent alone is not enough you must work hard and before the commitment to achieve the hopes and aspirations .

Perhaps the most famous examples of global hero  the golden champion  / Haile Gebreselassie best long-distance runner twentieth century and owner  by two Olympics, Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000  ,  10000 m  race ' and the  Holder of twenty-seven world record in the distances of different medium and long inside the halls ( Turak 200 m) ' or outside it ( Turak 400 m) ' or achieved on paved roads - asphalt road - and some of it was destroyed .

We'll tell you is true , but it is to knead the world champion or a marathon shared it was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and a young man has finished   99 place - yes 99 - no drop 98 Athletic ' but then   mr / haile trained two years  seriously , perseverance and managed to enter the  national Ethiopian team  and later journey began with the global world champion Haile Gebreselassie .

And that the story of thousands of similar stories throughout the history of sports , national and international .

And  we aim of listed following to say /

That 's racing  in Pharaohs  races- and any other race - on the sports debutante or average experience , but feared to keep up with the athletes heroes and their defiance , the did not win them at least will gain RESPECT Hero rival ' and is only a matter of time - long  or short - so you can defeat them is and all of them could become a champion or big champion on  Egypt  or in your State to which they belong and the trip begins Olympic dream with the help of God and His will .

In the context of talking about racing  in the Great Pharaohs runners  are three adult /

We started / first Grand Prix victory on  22 / 10 /  2012  , for male in that period  ' for a distance of 10,000 m ' and won by Egyptian  marathon champion  / Captain / Hassan Marzouk

The second came / Hero  / Captain /    sayed Marzouk '  

Third / young hero / Hazem  El -Sayed .

The great adventure - like its predecessor - the launch of the first version of

Racing Egypt big on 22/ 2  /2013  , male  ' for a distance of 10,000 m - well - has been won by the Captain / Maher Abu  daif player Ahly Club , achieving outstanding performance where he was able to overcome the hero  and International champion Egypt 's former 1500m Captain / Fred Samir Abdullah ' in the last part of the race, ' and  mr / Fried was  came in second place 
'  came in third / Captain / Mohammed Jamal player signal Corps Egyptian Armed Forces .

 And concluded racing series  for the Great  Pharaohs runners  /

By the Great  
Freedom run ,  for the first race in 2013 ' dated 25/10/2013  

the great pharaohs Founder ,   
Invent the idea of ​​a special taper her fat founder racing site and hostile adult Pharaohs - main - namely, making the race is divided into two major categories of amateur and professional and knead to expand the scope of the beneficiaries of the prizes in kind and make -founder financial incentive awards for the top ten runners in the race .

Whoever they are professional or amateur to expand competition Capricorn .

He has won the race rookie hero / Mohamed Mahmoud ( famous  name is the prince )he run in   Egypt Youth national team  ' Second  / Hero / Mahmoud Salumh ' player Signal Corps Egyptian Armed Forces ' and came third for the second time / Captain / Mohammed Jamal suggesting Diaper his performances and results despite   differance of competitors and race conditions and the level of competition , where he was most of the big race of Egypt , where the times achieved.

- Have seen the first experiment for the amateur category - they are not enrolled Union Egyptian athletics as players ' or passed them more than two consecutive years

Without participating in any final of the Republic of athletics or final tournaments of the armed forces or the final tournaments of the Republic of cross-  country at the Egyptian Federation or the armed forces , and certainly Republic Championship for the half marathon and relay marathon exception to that rule tests against Egypt is open participation to all professional and amateur - International player for win / Ahmad  El -nady - half Marathon Champion in  Luxor International version 2010 - won the race for the amateur category ' ahead of veteran hero ' Captain / Osama  sayed mohmed ' and came third player  / Karim Mohamed Sayed .

Due to the success of the experiment will be generalized to most Spaguetna that were not whole .

But there is another system of special races are hostile Pharaohs anlage no fee to participate and distributed cash prizes and Aanahaly centers first .

It is then clear from the first glance that the participants enjoy a comparative advantage in order that they may have those privileges, which are not offered one else at the level of the private sector ' Union Egyptian Athletics is my father provides the same benefits , but with the support of state support which of course is not available to the private sector Kaladaúaan Pharaohs adult Accordingly , it was decided as follows -

First / participate in races hostile Pharaohs adult based on the digital system to qualify , meaning that sports has to have a high degree of sporting excellence even permitted to participate in the principled Spaguetna regardless of whether or not you will win one of the first centers Vnasr from God .

Second / player co whether amateur or professional to be achieved in the time required to set out the distances after , during the year - maximum - of the previous day at the start of the race.

Third / 's Athletic right to prove / achieve the time required during the year from the previous day to compete ' with all means of proof , whether a certificate of appreciation or more of them described their time and the organizer of the race ' or a statement printed from online special outcome of the race is and the player , including .

Third / in the absence of any physical evidence to prove the time required to achieve ' player is entitled to demand that the founders of the Pharaohs adult runners - or assisted with the need to attend one of the founders - test work was in one of the spaces , which sees the player himself provided Alatql about five km

_ ( 5 km) and not more than ten kilometers (10 km) , both on Trac or asphalt or dirt floor , but place the test must be close to the residence of one of the founders ' and there must be an interval between the test and the day of the race at least two weeks ' in the most likely will be grouped athletes wishing to participate - and did not realize the time required or Athbtoh - auditioning for a collective ' must abide by the rules testing and non- circumvention and cut the road any was less than the distance agreed upon , but would exclude the player definitively not the consequence of the oppressors ) .


Fourth / excluded from the base of the qualifying time following their statement .

1 - all players teams sisterly Arab countries - including Egypt national team players , of course - in the middle and long distance - and for their newest foreign players , but only if we achieve the qualifying time for the player and the western everyone without charge a subscription fee .

2 - to overcome the sixty years of the pioneers of Egypt and the Arabs to provide athletes with a certificate stating the health fitness competitions have been long-distance .

Finally the question / What is the times qualifying .

Answer / qualifying the times required to start from the month of December 2013 and until the end of 2015 .

Follows /

First / for professional runners enrolled Egyptian Union Athletics them achieve one of the times required within one year from the day before the race in one of the following distances /

             H     M    S     
5 km /       18 ,  1  

8 km /       29 ,  36 

10 km /     37, 27 

15 km /      57, 33 

10  Maile/ 1, 2,2  and that distance equivalent to ( 16,1 km)

20 km / 1, 18 ,14 

21 km / 1.22 '1 - any half- marathon

Marathon /  2 , 56 , 9 



As for the Amateur Athletic Union is enrolled Egyptian athletics as players /

 thats  times required  must done at most befor one year of the race day night.   .

              H   M  S
5 km /       19,39 

8 km /         32  '  18   

10 km /      40 , 52  

15 km /  1 , 2 , 47 

10 miles /   1 , 7 , 41

20 km /  1, 25 , 21 

21 km /    1 , 29 , 28 - any half- marathon

Marathon / 3 , 12 , 10 


It should be noted that these times are qualifying set out in advance whether professional or amateur , especially men without women .

The next question / What is special awards races  for Pharaohs Runners races 

Answer / awards divided for prizes and  money .

For in-kind prizes /

the top ten of the professional and the same number of amateur getting medals all  Gold ,  size 6 cm ' of water  Gold solution ' and the design of  medal by god help / For the main  founder of the races ' were manufacturing by the same company that manufactured Cup Africa 2006 soccer ' and those medals are aganist rusting what as long as the owner does not expose it to water or the sun directly ' in case of any problems to medal ,  winner of the  medal  ,  Tell  the organizers and they're going to Boaadt medal for her first knowledge of its makers ' and  will be replaced by another if the problem not resolve .

In addition to the medals owner gets first place , whether at the level of professional or amateur cup each - or a masterpiece sports priceless , which would be in the near future with God's help - and their kidneys rustproof course .

- As for the financial awards /   we must say  statement that it must bonuses symbolic not equal , of course, in any way the hard effort  is doing exercises in either the Champions or in the competition in  our races .

- Knowing that ,  By God willing, will gradually increase , both in terms of the amount of cash paid ' or in terms of the number of winners .

As it is now available following statement /

  winer  Take 
/ three hundred pounds ' Cup  and  Golden medal.

Second place / Two  hundred pounds '  Gold medal   .

Third / one hundred and fifty '  Gold medal  .

Fourth place / hundred pounds '  Gold medal  .

Fifth / seventy-five pounds '   Gold ahab .

Sixth / seventy-five pounds .

Seventh / fifty pounds.

Eighth place / fifty pounds

Ninth place / fifty pounds.

Center X / fifty pounds.

For the amateurs do not cash prizes to the winners of them did not enter in the top ten then will compete for cash prizes as well as prizes for the kind prescribed for them already are as follows *

First place amateur / Cup  and Gold medal  .

Second place amateur /  Gold Medal  .

Third place amateur /  Gold Medal  .

Fourth place amateur /  Gold Medal   .

Fifth place amateur / Gold  Medal   .

For the organization will be filming the race and the awards ' and , of course, will be given to runners during the race drinking water naturally packed every 5 km from the race distance ' and  after run will be   give them bottled drinking water naturally packed and locked ' , extracts and some fruit such as bananas  and orange any Fruitsi s available by season fruit fruitful period of  time of the race , all gifts water , Food , from organizers witout outside sponsers, Good Race For all By God help  .